Donation : Rugby Equipment

Thanks to Tony, our US Ambassador to the Serge Betsen Academy for the new helmets, Dan Sosso for the 37 pairs of shoes he was able to collect from the players in Washington DC and of course to Neville from HAE Group who is shipping the 3 big boxes to Cameroon. Photos to follow

Cameroon : Trip in April 2015


Pictures : here !!!

On April 18th Serge Betsen, Lionel Quenardel a SBA volunteer who is a professor of EPS at Diderot Massy, and Jenna our SBA project leader arrived in Cameroon.  Serge and Lionel stayed one week, while Jenna stayed for over a month to assist the Cameroon SBA directors.

Upon our arrival the centre L’eau Claire, we were greeted by the Bangangté rugby team, Djibril who is the centre’s director, and Elisabeth the SBA’s president in Cameroon.

We were pleasantly surprised as we were greeted with the local Haka in Medumba, the local language, which was performed by the rugby players!  The originality of this Haka had its charm, but also instilled some fear from the performers!


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Bafia : progress of the works on the new building

Here are some pictures of the building progress in Bafia.




Bafia : one year after the opening

It was the main project of 2014, the tenth anniversary of Serge Betsen ACADEMY.

The photos were taken on October 26th, new updates will arrive shortly.


Thus, at present, the plastering and the joists are fully completed.

Testimony of Jean-Cyril, a leader of the Center “Abraham & Sarah”:

“About joists, I must inform you of the joy that is mine because the work was performed by two of our children who are in “Terminal Carpentry-Joinery” school level : Betsen André and Bertrand Bessong BEREM. Face to my refusal to intercede with the contractor to give them a part of the market for everything related to wood, they themselves fought for and obtained the joists lot, a small market of 350.000FCFA.Huge was my surprise when, at the end of the work, the contractor came to tell me that these children have displayed a professionalism that has confused him and that he regretted not having given their confidence more than that, related to the quality and strength of their work. Coming out from the mouth of that man I know quite picky, I must tell you that this is a point to be proud of.”




Cameroon : SBA supports APAJ association to build a well


Here are some pictures of  the project in Abang for which SBA has helped to finance.

This is the inauguration of the new well.




Bangangté : Repair of the well thanks to ALBOAN

Through a financial grant from the charity ALBOAN (, the center of Bangangté was able to repair his well. Other projects are under consideration.

The occasion also to give the jerseys used during 10 years in Bayonne.



Donation : A huge thank to the Group ARNO

The SBA has received a donation of materials which makes the difference for the children.

We sincerely thank the Cameroonian company Group ARNO who generously provided our centres with more than 600 notebooks, hundreds of pens, chalks, slates, exercise book covers and math instruments kits for the start of the school year.  This donation represents an important help for the children and their families as this period of the year is always very hard to face.


Bangangté : delivery of supplies

Back to school september 2014. Abig thank to Arnopoulos Group for the donation.




Bangangté: Parade and rugby game

During the Bank Holiday in Bangangté, our children take part in the parade


Zoétélé : V2R association help to renovate the centre

Read the testimony of the young French volunteers.


« For some of us, this year was our third visit to Cameroon, for some others it was the fifth one.

This time we went to Zoétélé to renovate the rugby centre of SBA. Everything went well, the building was not in such a bad state but it needed to be refreshed. Some children of the centre even helped us. We were really moved by their welcome with their dances and songs; they taught us how to dance!

Leaving the village was a really emotional moment, as we had to say goodbye to the children after they thanked us for the work we did through traditional dances, songs and a short play. They came to our hotel to wish us a nice trip back to France; we took some pictures together. Like every year it was moving to leave these children we got attached to so quickly.

Of course we would love to go back to Cameroon in the future because it’s an intense trip that makes us grow and that increases our awareness of many things. We have the chance to support children who needs help, to meet new people, to see a new culture… We will also always remember the tournament and rugby training in Zoétélé school, because it is great to see children being so much involved in this sport, whereas they live in a football country and in such difficult environment…Congratulations!”

The youth of Perpignan