Volunteer: Abaa, Manager of the Zoétélé centre

Abaa discovered rugby at the University of Yaoundé. Following an ill-treated injury, he put his career aside to promote the practice of rugby in rural areas! This is how he came to choose Zoétélé, his mother’s village, to share his passion for rugby with the children.

In 2009, he met for the first time the coaches of the Serge Betsen Academy (SBA) who were offering training for rugby coaches. In 2013, he became rugby coordinator in Cameroon for the SBA and it was the year 2018 in which he assumed the role of manager of our new school support centre in Zoétélé.

During rugby training and after-school tutoring sessions, Abaa wants the centre to become a place of expression for these children. He also wants to convey values such as respect, sharing, going beyond oneself, altruism and living together.

His word to donors? : “Please, continue to support us as you do and give us strength, we have work to do!”

Translation by Katy Birgé-Wilson