Volunteer: Djibril, Manager of the Eau Claire centre in Bangangté

Djibril has worked for the Serge Betsen Academy (SBA) for over 10 years and is now the manager of the Eau Claire centre in Bangangté, a city in the West of Cameroon. Born locally, he works hard day after day allowing children to have access to after-school tutoring lessons in the best possible conditions. Keen on welcoming the children in the best possible way, afternoon snacks and meals are provided twice a week to allow children to study on a full stomach!

Very involved in the community and his city where he knows everyone and is known from everyone too, Djibril was also project manager for the works carried out on the Netah nursery school, supported by the SBA. He regularly pays visits to the children of the school and notably led a discovery and initiation rugby session in March.

On the sporting side, he is in charge of the Bangangté rugby team. He is however more familiar with combat sports and swimming, but still Djibril gives a lot of his time and energy to encourage his young people to flourish in this sport.

Djibril would like to “warmly thank the volunteers and donors for the help they provide” and adds: “Thanks to your support, the academic results are excellent and we can see the pride on the faces of our young people when they hold their diploma in their hand”.

Translation by Katy Birge-Wilson