Event : Charity game at Les Sables d’Olonne

At the initiative of the Lions Club, the Zonta Club, Kiwanis Club, the Rotary Club and the Rugby Club from Les Sables d’Olonne a gala game was organized on May 9th to benefit the Serge Betsen Academy and the “Chœurs pour grandir”.

The Rudeliere Stadium was full on this day for sick and disadvantaged children.
Following the female match, the Vendéenne team went up against the France Classic, composed of former players from the Equipe de France. The kick-off was done by 6 year old Maxime who suffers from Sylver-Russel Syndrome. He was aided by Serge Betsen who whispered some encouraging words. That night Maxime, who has been in treatment for only 3 months, declared to his parents, “Now I am big and can give myself the shot!” The final score was 17 to 25 for the French Classics and 2900€ was raised for the SBA and this little boy filled with courage.
Thank you to the organizers and all the participants! Especially bravo to Maxime!!!

Event : Charity Game Vernon vs Voltigeurs, St.Français

The Bourdons of Vernon met with the Voltigeurs of the Stade Français Club, for a charity game for the benefit of the SBA at the Vernonnet Arena.

On April 10th, this event was attended by many spectators who were rewarded with a beautiful spectacle. The Voltigeurs won 6 tries to 3, despite the fact that Serge played a part of the match with the local club.

Thank you to the organizers and partners, the offices of Alkyne and Raymundie, who made it possible to collect 4030€ for the SBA!

Event : OB Five Festival

This weekend, the first edition of the OB Five Festival was organized to support the SBA.

Event : SBA Karting Evening at Hyeres

 On Wednesday the 10th of June, the SBA organized our annual inter-enterprise karting race.
15 teams competed to have the chance to make on the winner’s podium. The evening ended with a jovial dinner attended by the drivers and their families.

Here are the rankings:
1st place: Vincent (Cave massillon a Hyers) and Carole (Intermed)
2nd place: Franck (Cadif) and Marie (Hyeres pharma)
3rd place: Prisca and Sebastien (Intermed)
Congratulations to the winners!
This event raised 3,000 euros for the SBA! Thank you to all the participants and see you next year.

Event : Charity Dinner SBA & Kampuchea Balopp

On Thursday, June 11th, two associations with common values came together to hold their second charity dinner, “Childhood and Ovalies II”.


On Thursday, June 11th, two associations with common values came together to hold their second charity dinner, “Childhood and Ovalies II”.
From Kampuchea Balopp: Nicolas and Pitch, and from SBA: Serge, Lionel, and Jenna, all took turns presenting their associations while sharing stories from their recent trips. Several objects were put up for auction, including the beautiful shots of Florence At and Clement Poitrenaud, and the meal was prepared by the chef Jean Christophe Lebascle.
Thank you to everyone who were able to join us!
See you next year!



Event : Charity Concert in London


For the 3rd edition, on June 20, we were glad to be at the French Institute to attend the performance of young musicians with outstanding skills, playing Brahms, Beethoven, Elgar and Scarlatti.

It was fantastic!

The audience was most impressed by the talent of these young boys and girls.
Many thanks to all of you and our partners : GAAM, Strategic Partnering, Juliet and the Band, Franch Radio London and London Macadam

Cameroon : Trip in April 2015


Pictures : here !!!

On April 18th Serge Betsen, Lionel Quenardel a SBA volunteer who is a professor of EPS at Diderot Massy, and Jenna our SBA project leader arrived in Cameroon.  Serge and Lionel stayed one week, while Jenna stayed for over a month to assist the Cameroon SBA directors.

Upon our arrival the centre L’eau Claire, we were greeted by the Bangangté rugby team, Djibril who is the centre’s director, and Elisabeth the SBA’s president in Cameroon.

We were pleasantly surprised as we were greeted with the local Haka in Medumba, the local language, which was performed by the rugby players!  The originality of this Haka had its charm, but also instilled some fear from the performers!


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Event : Christmas Loto in Biarritz


At the beginning of 2015 the Serge Betsen Academy organized the third edition of Christmas Loto in Biarritz, at the Aguiléra Stadium.

This successful event was amiable and entertaining, allowing several winners to leave with many items.  This was also a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for disadvantaged children in Cameroon.  The money raised will be utilized to fund several current projects in our centres, such as paint for our buildings and buying wood to build tables and chairs.


On behalf of the children, we would like to thank all the participants and generous donators, as well as Nelly and all the volunteers working for the Serge Betsen Academy for their investment in the organization of this event!

Bafia : progress of the works on the new building

Here are some pictures of the building progress in Bafia.




Bafia : one year after the opening

It was the main project of 2014, the tenth anniversary of Serge Betsen ACADEMY.

The photos were taken on October 26th, new updates will arrive shortly.


Thus, at present, the plastering and the joists are fully completed.

Testimony of Jean-Cyril, a leader of the Center “Abraham & Sarah”:

“About joists, I must inform you of the joy that is mine because the work was performed by two of our children who are in “Terminal Carpentry-Joinery” school level : Betsen André and Bertrand Bessong BEREM. Face to my refusal to intercede with the contractor to give them a part of the market for everything related to wood, they themselves fought for and obtained the joists lot, a small market of 350.000FCFA.Huge was my surprise when, at the end of the work, the contractor came to tell me that these children have displayed a professionalism that has confused him and that he regretted not having given their confidence more than that, related to the quality and strength of their work. Coming out from the mouth of that man I know quite picky, I must tell you that this is a point to be proud of.”