Event: L’Assiette d’Or, Château de Janvry, June 2017


Following our encounter of André Gréjon at the diner “Enfance et Ovalie III” at Issy-les-Moulineaux, and also at Rungis on January 31st, he proposed us to be one of the associations benefiting from the 2017 edition of “L’Assiette d’Or”, together with our friends of Kampuchea Balopp.

“L’Assiette d’Or” is an event created in 1995 by Andie’s Factory, bringing all the Chefs together for a very busy day.

All the guests come to relax and enjoy this day in the country side.

“L’Assiette d’Or” gathers more than 500 cooking professionals each year.

Guests and partners compete for “L’Assiette d’Or”, shooting on clay targets at the Ball-Trap in the shooting area set up for the occasion.

The Castle of Janvry (France – 91) and its wide estate offer privileged places for setting up the Exibitors’ Village and the Flavours’ Village in a beautiful environment.

Thanks to this great event, the Kampuchea Balopp and Serge Betsen Academy associations could collect more than 3.600 € (1.800 € each). This will allow to support the organisation of the SBA kids’ parties.

Many thanks to SBA Ambassadors Stéphane Rouault and Vincent Deniau, who supported Jenna, the representative of the association.

Huge thanks to Andréa and André Gréjon for the invitation and the organisation !