Volunteer: Jean-Cyrille, Manager of the Bafia centre

Jean-Cyrille Monthe is in charge of the Bafia centre but is also a Senior Education Advisor.

He was born in the capital Yaoundé but he fell in love with the Bafia region (some 130Km away, to the north) and decided to live there. In 2007, he discovered the Serge Betsen Academy (SBA), and since he has worked hard to help children develop and gain self-confidence through after-school tutoring and sport.

Jean-Cyrille was keen to create a Large Family where mutual aid and sharing are the key words! His typical day: “It’s a day of coaching and advice; children are not alone!” As for rugby: this “slightly wacky sport” allows his students to learn team spirit, solidarity and creativeness!

It is with great enthusiasm and emotion that he thanks all the volunteers and donors of the SBA for their involvement and support.


Translation by Katy Birgé-Wilson