Cameroon: Lionel, our ambassador visits the centres

Lionel Quenardel, volunteer in the association for several years, came back from a week in Cameroon after visiting the centers of the SBA with his girlfriend and a friend.

Flaskback on his journey.

FLASHBACK on the journey 14th to 19th ApRIL 2014 (by LIONEL QUENARDEL)


MONDAY 14/4. Arrival at the airport in Yaounde Nsimalen at 4:15am.

We are supported by Merlin VIP Colonel Prestige ‘, which will be our driver for the week. Small halt to recover at “Clos Fleuri”, a cottage in which we will be staying during the stay .

Lunch , dinner and briefing with Elisabeth “granny” Ngamy , the president of the SBA association in Cameroon , along with Nadège (manager  of center “Jardin Eden”) ; M’Bamba (rugby manager of SBA) , Jean-Cyril ( manager of center Abraham & Sarah ) … and many children ! to establish our planning, our work in the centers in SBA ( Serge Betsen Academy) and depositing much of 150 kg made ​​of school supplies , which will serve for the next school year .

We have the opportunity that day to discover Yaoundé with our driver Merlin before to get our third sidekick, Francis Forestier, representing the Rugby Club Massy Essonne ( RCME ) at the airport.


In early afternoon, we go to the center of Yaounde Jardin d’Eden, where we are greeted by Nadège & Christelle, the managers, and twenty children. We were able to work with children with conviviality (rhymes, riddles, games, songs …), using, in particular, the whiteboard we brought. Visit the center and installing a DVD player then visit APEAJ, future training center (technical courses, welding and electricity) with Christian. Site for which the SBA has raised funds amounting to € 5000. The construction began in January 2014 seems to make good progress. During our visit, late afternoon, workers were leaving. They stayed a few extra minutes to give us more information.


Departure for Atoak center Koumou Rugby ZOE -TELE , 2 hours drive south of Yaoundé , along with M’Bamba . We ate a piece on the road in the city of MBALMAYO .
On site we have been received by Louis-Paul ABA , with whom we visit the installations (gymnasium) and the field of ZOETELE before we get to where NKOUMADJAB Louis-Paul presents us a local partner , Martial.

We supported a training of fifty children (6 to 18 years , including 3 girls).

Content of the session:

1 / ‘Skills ‘ work pass , running and handling ;

2 / Fight Games , in small groups of 2 or 3 players of the same class (standing – floor .. )

3 / matches with game launch by the educator (2 teams of 7 players in 7 – 10yrs , 3 teams of 8 players in 11 – 14yrs ) . During the last game time, older preparing a beverage and a dish (rice – peanut sauce ) accompanied by rolls made. We had the opportunity to put some small rugby equipment ( mouth guards , helmets , balls … ) in charge of the center before visiting the premises of the school project support NKOUMADJAB and hit the road , but not without welcoming Mr ABA’A , the donor of the ‘ gym ‘ of ZOETELE.


Departure for the center “L’Eau Claire” in Bangangté (4 hours drive northwest of Yaoundé) , break on the road Makenene , such as negotiating the price of a lizard … 28.000F.CFA , too expensive! Then we ate in TONGA, menu : monkey or Boa … Arrival in Bangangté at 2pm. Very warm welcome by twenty children ( 6-20 years) who received us with songs and small skits . We had the opportunity to visit a very well organized center : clinic (gift of small equipment ) , a classroom ( where children received us ) and a library looking very well equipped (several computer stations, many books , microscopes, toys for children … ). We had the opportunity to install a laptop and a DVD player.

The oldest (16 – 20years ) participate in weekly training sessions of rugby, and are seeking a return on their practice. We improvised situations and defensive tackle , and oppositions of 1v1 or 2v2 even within the center. Between an avocado and a yam field , we did not have balloons , a local avocado did the trick … A real treat!

We hand Djibril , the center manager , a little rugby equipment , and materials to finish the school year.


The next morning, we have the opportunity to go into town to buy a flat screen TV (gift STAPS Paris XI) , to accompany the DVD player provided . Upon returning , we visit the modern and classic high school BAFIA , which hosts 2,600 students , deserted due to the Easter holiday , which educates many children of local SBA center. The principal , with whom we spoke , enthused the work done by the center Abraham & Sarah . By late morning , we met all (21) students of the center. We were greeted very ‘officially’ , but still warm . We had the opportunity to work with students on general themes (Education , Health , Labour , Respect … ), during a lecture during around two hours. This led to a very relevant exchange with students. We gave laptop, DVD player and TV in a very formal …

Unfortunately, we were unable to install ‘ Skype ‘ , the center is not equipped with internet connection. In the late afternoon, we shared a meal with the children before visiting the families of two young center , Sorelle and Ghislain .


Despite the frustration of not being able to further deepen trade even within the SBA centers, our trip was very rewarding for all. Our meetings were sincere and friendly. We regret not being able to intervene in the center (rugby) Ekonou of Yaounde. We hope to have the opportunity to do so at an upcoming trip.


Article of Rugby Club Massy Essonne (RCME), relatant notre petit voyage. Merci à eux !