USA : SBA arrives in the USA

SBA entrance on US ground thanks to its founder, Serge Betsen.

Early September, Serge Betsen visited the United States to take part in the Beyond Sport annual summit as an ambassador. Beyond Sport is a global organisation that promotes, develops and supports the use of sport to create positive social change across the world. During the summit, Serge Betsen Academy was officially nominated as a member of “Global Rugby Collaborative” – a US group which tries to “Create a Better World Through Rugby”. This nomination strengthens the creation of a SBA office in the USA, that will mainly aims to raise funds for our Cameroon projects.

During Serge Betsen’s visit, the French Lycée Rochambeau in Washington DC donated a $ 3 500 cheque to help the charity, and we thank them for this great support.

Finally, the former international rugby player held a training session in a US rugby club while promoting the actions of the charity.

2013 is the year of the official entrance of SBA and its founder Serge Betsen on US ground. Tha aim of SBA USA 501 (c) (3) is to raise funds for the organisation’s global mission : help children through rugby-education-health. 

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