Cameroon: An English delegation visits the centres

At the beginning of November 2011, a team of seven people from the UK came for one week with Serge Betsen to visit all the Academy centres in Cameroon.

The group, mainly composed of businessmen, won this trip with the presence of Serge Betsen during a charity dinner organised in London for Serge’s testimonial. Odile was the only woman participating in this trip. Many thanks for her patience and her good mood throughout the trip. The group could also see the functioning and work carried out by the SBA in Cameroon. As well as discovering a new culture, meeting the children was certainly an unforgettable moment for them.

Cameroon: Official opening of Jardin Eden centre

It’s with much emotion that the new  SBA centre Jardin Eden, in the heart of Yaoundé, was officially opened on 8th November 2011, by Serge Betsen and the English delegation.

On this occasion, we were pleased to welcome Miss Anne Gain who is the French Ambassador’s wife.  All 13 volunteers were engaged in the presentation by our centres to our guests including a show prepared by the children, who were very impressed by Serge. Songs, dances and snacks gave the rhythm to this afternoon of plenty of laughs and exchanges. The ceremony ended with an intense dance to folk music from a local group in the centre’s garden with all the guests, who were glad to have shared these happy moments with the children and volunteers of the centre. The centre opened in September. It welcomes more than 30 children daily. The activities are organized as follows: a scholar support workshop, a library-toy workshop, a hobby workshop (songs, dances, DIY etc…). Many thanks to Jutta and Cécile who are jointly responsible for the centre for their role in the success of this project.

Cameroon: Reception at the French Embassy

Serge Betsen and the SBA delegation were welcomed to a lunch by Sir Bruno Gain, the French Ambassador in Cameroon and his wife, on Tuesday the 8th of November 2011. This lunch gave us the opportunity to present some of the officers of the centres and most of all the actions of the Academy in Cameroon.

Event: “Sport pour Tous” with Serge Betsen Academy

Serge Betsen Academy participated to the first day of “Sport pour tous” (Sport for everybody) organized on October 12 2011 by Michel Moulin, creator of the sportly weekly newspaper Le 10 sport.


This day gave the children of the rugby school of the CS Clichy the opportunity to participate in different workshops run by well known sportsmen (Grégory Coupet, Daniel Bravo, ChrIstine Arron, Brahim Asloum, Teddy Riner, etc..).  The children will remember this meeting with these high-level sportsmen as a magical moment. The children also had the opportunity to try other sports like athletics, football, judo, tennis and others. The day was ended by a guided visit of the French stadium, including a good snack.

Event: A day with Serge Betsen in Monein

On September 15th, the chairman of the SBA- Serge Betsen, and volunteers of the Biarritz branch , ran a day of rugby workshops in Monein (South-West of France)


 This event was won during the auctions at Serge Betsen’s Testimonial on June 6th. It gave a great opportunity to more than 150 children to meet the rugby player and to learn from his experience. It was also the occasion to raise public awareness about the children concerned by poverty in Cameroon, as well as raising funds for them.

We thank the volunteers and all the instructors and organisers for this lovely day !

Cameroon: Jardin Eden or the birth of a centre in Yaounde

The centre “Garden Eden” was born from an encounter between volunteers who wanted to get involved in local life and provide practical help to disadvantaged people.

During a Carnival organised by Elisabeth N’Gamy, director of the “Eau Claire” centre, they decided to join the SBA and to open a centre on the same socio-cultural model as the “Eau Claire” centre. The aim is to offer daily workshops: crafts workshops, storytelling, sports, academic support, games and more, with the purpose to mentor 75 children aged 5 to 12. The primary goal is to help very poor children from the neighbourhood. A building to house the centre was found, and repairs are underway. We await the arrival of the first children for the new school year in September 2011.

The whole SBA team is pleased to welcome new members.

Serge Betsen’s Testimonial

The famous rugby player Serge Betsen, ended his career with a great and memorable jubilee. VIP stars, President’s XVSerge’s supporters…everybody was here to honour one last time, their hero of the oval ball.



On Wednesday, June 6th, the day began when the Biarritz Olympique children aged 12 to 17 arrived as well as the children of two of the new branches of the association in Clichy and Val de Marne (Paris suburbs). They could attend a presentation of the Serge Betsen Academy, and participate to a defence workshop led by Serge Betsen himself and trainers of the Biarritz Olympique.

At 6.00 pm the Aguilera Stadium opened its doors to welcome more than 7 000 people who came to show their attachment to this generous man they encouraged during many years! Two stands for the Serge Betsen Academy were organised by the volunteers of the association, and exhibited a presentation about the living conditions in Cameroon and the SBA work there. All along the jubilee, SBA branded souvenirs were distributed to our generous donators.

This sporty event started with a VIP touch rugby match including  huge retired rugby players or other sportsmen among which Christophe Dominici, Bixente Lizarazu, Olivier Roumat, Gregory Coupet and much more…all dressed in 1900’s jersey. Meanwhile a Pre-match VIP Cocktail buffet was organised in a room of the Biarritz Olympique to mix fans and famous sportsmen. At 8.15 pm a rugby match between the President’s XV and the Serge Betsen Selection  among which they were Jeremy Castex, Imanol Harinordoquy, Benoît Auguste…During the half-time, the brilliant choral group « Chœur Oldarra » offered the audience melodious Basque songs. This mythical match caused Serge Betsen an injury needing three stitches after Frédéric Michalak tackling, but nothing serious enough to worry the brilliant rugby player! Despite the defeat of Serge’s team vs the President’s XV (54-14), the warmth took part of all the event.

A post-match VIP cocktail took place at 10.00 pm to happily end the party, always with the SBA presence. Different speeches were made, first of all by Serge Betsen who thanked all his colleagues and participants for coming to this nice evening…a moving speech that concluded the jubilee!

Finally, Cookie, a singer from Biarritz, dedicated a song to Serge: a nice tribute to thank the rugby player who made so much for the Biarritz Olympique during 16 years. Of course a speech was given for the Serge Betsen Academy, in order to tell the story of the association as well as its goals. After that an auction took place and proposed a helmet, espadrilles, bouclier de Brennus, rugby balls, signed tee-shirts and one day with Mr. Betsen. The benefits of these auctions have been transferred to the Serge Betsen Academy.

This jubilee will remain in all supporters’ and Serge Betsen himself minds. We will remember the happiness that Mr. Betsen gave on the rugby fields during these last 20 years and of his generosity he shared through rugby as well as through his association he’s been working for during 8 years.


Thank you Serge

Rugby Cameroon: SBA wins Cameroon championship in youth category

On Wednesday 22 June 2011 the SBA was the winner of the final tournament that brings together the best teams of Cameroon in the youth teams.

 Our teams won no fewer than two of the three trophies at stake.  The under-fifteen and under-seventeen teams won the title with a quality of game that delighted the onlookers around the field of Yaounde Omnisport stadium.

Event: London Bastille Day


This event was a celebration of the national holiday with French expatriates in London. Program: pétanque tournament where Serge BETSEN did not excel as much as playing rugby! Tasting of typical French food and exchanges with Francophiles. The charity hold a stand during the day and could talk of its actions for the benefit of underprivileged children in Cameroon.

Event: Christmas lotto

The Serge Betsen Academy lotto was held on 20th December, 2009 in the hall of Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque. Mr. Theophile Abega, Mayor of Yaounde IV and Serge Betsen were present.


The meeting was an opportunity to talk about the work of the charity, to inform on the future projects, to support and contribute to the development of education and health for young Cameroonian children while sharing a friendly and nice moment. A huge thank you to DELAMARIA Nelly and her mother for the energy expended in the success of this event.