Event: Frenchy Cocktail with Serge Betsen at Boulangerie Christophe in Washington DC!

The Boulangerie Christophe in Washington DC hosted a fundraising cocktail on 26 April 26 2019 to raise funds for our charity. Serge Betsen who was travelling in the US on this date was therefore delighted to represent us alongside Odile Prevot.

$4,719.38 were raised during this Frenchy Cocktail with Serge Betsen for our young people in Cameroon! Delicious canapés were lovingly prepared by the chefs of the bakery and served with carefully selected French wines. Christophe and Didier gathered many guests around a so Frenchy yummy cocktail, who came to find out more about our actions in Cameroon and shake hands with the  rugby legend.

A big thank you to the Boulangerie Christophe for organizing this warm evening where guests had lively and passionate discussions! Thank you to our donors and to all participants for their enthusiasm and generosity. It’s so inspiring to spend such nice evenings like this one.

During his trip to the USA, Serge also had the honor of meeting with Odile Prevot, His Excellency Mr. Mahamadou Nimaga, Ambassador of Mali to the United States during an audience to present our actions in Cameroon to eventually apply our model in Mali. And of course Serge could not resist playing rugby during his trip so he joined the DC Touch Rugby team on the pitch for a nice training. This great team helps us to raise awareness about our association there, so we are grateful to them.

A big thank you to everyone for your support!

Madagascar: Marianina’s nursery class now welcomes its children

Nursery children have taken possession of their new classrooms and are delighted to be there. In the way the two teachers have organised them, one of the two rooms is used for animation, the children dance, sing, play and do physical activities. The other room is used for manual and educational awakening: drawings, paper cut-outs, etc.

We are thrilled to allow an additional 70 students to attend school!

Translation by Katy Birgé-Wilson

Madagascar: Completing the Nursery

As 2017 drew to a close, we joined forces with the Espérance Marianina association in Madagascar. We were united in completing the construction of the new nursery wing at the Marianina school. The original construction plans had been delayed due to hurricanes, pest infestations and outbreaks of illnesses which plagued the whole country and severely impacted the villager’s efforts. The completion date was pushed into 2018 as we teamed up to complete the project.


The first day of term was then delayed due to the reorganisation of The Ministry of Education. However, the new term started on the 19th of November which saw 65 fresh-faced nursery school children taking their seats in the new building. Furniture is being prepared and adapted especially for the children with new pieces being added as soon as they are constructed.

We are so proud that this project finally came to fruition and that more than sixty children are now learning and playing in such lovely new conditions.

USA: Nothing can stop Kiki!

After Australia, Kiki has been selected to go to Japan. She was in Tokyo for the rugby season. She is the first American woman rugby player accepted to play in a professional team in Japan.

Before joining Tokyo, she won Vegas and Barbados with her former rugby team SCION in Washington DC.

That is what SBA USA was able to make with a donation of $500! Kiki was able to go to Vegas with a new pair of yellow shoes offered by a donor! There she played very well and signed a contract with Australia and thanks to her achievements there she is now on her way to Tokyo.

Joann Liu, founder of SCION is really proud of her as should be!

Kiki is now in Washington DC to play a game with her team before leaving again for Australia!

We are so glad and proud too! SBA team wishes you the best of luck Kiki!

Here is Kiki’s profile.

USA: News from Kiki

Do you remember Kiki?

We helped her in her adventure for the Las Vegas Rugby 7s a few months ago. Today she plays in the AON Uni 7s that are being supported by the Australian rugby team and all the unis. This is the link where they stream all the tourneys and have tons of publicity and information.

You will see that there are already a lot of references to “American import Kiki Morgan” and how well she’s doing! She already scored 4 tries! Come on Kiki!

Here is her story:

“Like most people, I started rugby in college. The very first practice I went to I was mind blown.That night I was introduced to a sport that allowed women to be physical yet graceful, reckless but also calculated. I spent the next four years playing rugby in college and I was exposed to amazing people and got to travel to amazing places in and out of the country. After four years of playing, I thought I knew what the sport was about, I thought I knew the ins and out of the chess like gameplay, but one summer in DC proved me wrong. With the help of Toshi and Joanne I learned rugby is not something you can master in a few years, it’s a lifelong journey of learning. Knowing that, I wanted to expose myself to rugby outside of the US as a way to grow my skills and expand my knowledge. Luckily enough, I was invited by the University of Tasmania to compete with their team in the AON Uni 7s Series. It’s a four week women’s series with players of high caliber. From olympic gold medalists and international World Cup players to college students who have been playing their whole lives. Each week, my team and I will be traveling to different areas of Australia, playing the other teams in the series. 

For the next 2 months, I will be in rugby heaven. Training, growing, learning and exploring. In the last few years since I started playing, the women’s game has grown so much in terms of exposure and opportunities. And I’m excited to be a part of this series, knowing that it will only help to improve the women’s international competition even more.” – Kiki Morgan


United States: SBA supports Kiki, Las Vegas Rugby 7s

Since its registration as a 501(c)3 in the United States, the SBA has been able to raise donations for actions in Cameroon and elsewhere.

Thanks to this we decided to support Kiki in her adventure for the Las Vegas Rugby 7s.  Kiki reached out to the SBA requesting assistance to subsidize her travel expenses from Washington DC to Las Vegas.  According to her coach, Joanne Liu, her future in rugby is promising, she may even be chosen for the World Cup (keep an eye on this one!) and by way of thanks she will play while wearing the SBA colors next March 2-3.

Go Kiki!

United States: SBA supports Felicité and her children

The SBA USA is happy to be able to assist a Cameroonian mother, Felicité, who is living in the DC area. This lady who was hospitalized and underwent brain surgery, found herself alone to raise two children.  Today she is better, but barely makes ends meet in order to buy school supplies for her two children.  It is why the association took the decision to assist her.
Requested by one of the associations making up the Comité Tricolore of DC, here is their testimony: “These two children are very endearing and never fail to show us their affection and appreciation for what we bring to them.  They are surrounded by family in order to overcome this difficult time.“

Brazil: Visit of Guanabara Rugby & Favelas

Serge was in Rio for the Olympic comeback of Rugby.

He took the opportunity to share his passion with young people from the favelas of Rio, an amazing moment for them.

Two years after his first visit, he went back to the Guanabara rugby club for a rugby training and a beautiful exchange with the children.

USA : SBA helps the Las Vegas Rugby Academy

After helping disadvantaged rugby players in Washington DC, SBA USA decided to help rugby players in Las Vegas. In January 2016, the SBA donated $250 to the Las Vegas Rugby Academy (“LVRA”) a  club which started as a Training and Clinic Academy and now has clubs teams, flag league and an in school clinic to spread the sport of rugby. LVRA was founded in 2009 by ex-Eagles player Vaha Esikia. LVRA is a non-profit organization focused on promoting and enhancing rugby, while educating the local community on the fundamentals of the sport in a safe, fun and family-oriented environment.  http://www.lasvegasrugbyacademy.com/

The donation made by SBA was used to sponsor 3 students and purchase 3 rugby balls. The 3 students sponsored were Donald Lombard Jr., Haniteli Latu and Sione Ngaue.

SBA looks forward to a long and successful relationship with LVRA!

USA : SBA helps Perry Street Prep Shcool, Washington DC

Visit of Perry Street Prep School
Serge went to Perry Street Prep School, offered a medical kit and hopes to see them next trip.

The school enjoyed a successful epic at the time Tal Bayer led the team. Here is a short video and article for more information: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/feature/wp/2013/06/22/a-coachs-painful-farewell-to-a-rugby-program-he-built-and-the-players-he-loves/.