Event: Kickers’ Trophy

We are delighted to announce that Heini Adams will represent the Serge Betsen Academy by at the “Kickers’ Trophy” to be held on 6 July 2012 in Boulazac. His performance will define the donation that will be given to our charity.


A sporting challenge for a just cause
The Kickers’ Trophy in a nutshell


Imagine the best kickers in the Top 14 competing in spectacular challenges! This will be the most attended ever meeting with the best kickers in the TOP 14, as never seen before!

Romain Teulet (top point scorer of TOP 14), Julien Dupuy (kicker at France XV), Conrad Barnard (top point scorer 2011/12 of the TOP 14) and more will compete in front your eyes.

For more information and to reserve tickets, please visit their website:


and on facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trophée-des-Botteurs/315570548506555