Cameroon : Donation of solar panels, Bangangté

The SBA is proud to announce that the Chiefdom Bahock Nfeuntchemtchou received their first solar panel.  Thanks to a donation from the American company GM Group International Corporation, based in Las Vegas, a solar panel was given to His Majesty the Chief Keutcha Djanda Rodrigue.  This fulfilled a promise given by the SBA at the beginning of 2016 when we attended the inauguration of the water tower we had built for the village.

This time, the SBA made a step towards green energy, which the continent of Africa desperately needs. With a billion inhabitants in Africa, 75% of the sub-Saharan population has no access to electricity. A sad record.

In Africa, electricity is a rare luxury and not equally shared.  In Cameroon, there are constant power outages.  Some groups use expensive generators, but most only live with oil lamps and candles. If the sun is free in Africa, only the small solar panels are accessible to the poorest populations. This gift to the chieftainship was not intended to connect all appliances of the village, but to recharge a computer, one or two mobile phones, which can save lives.  Located in the court of the chieftainship, it is in a place accessible for all. We must help our children and their parents. We are counting on you for our upcoming projects.