Volunteer: Christelle, contributing artist at the Jardin Eden centre

Christelle has two hats: that of a law student and that of a self-taught painter.

Four times a week, when she is not working in her workshop, she attends law school. During her free time, she’s off to the centre of Jardin Eden to lend a helping hand to Nadege with the children.

Christelle helps the children to develop their creativity by introducing them to drawing, painting and animated songs! She teaches them the basics: primary colours, geometric shapes; and asks them to use their imagination because “children are fine creators”.

She has been working with the Serge Betsen Academy (SBA) since 2013 and endeavours to convey her love for the Cameroonian culture. In her works, she loves to represent rural women, musicians playing drums, griots (who are traditional performers who sing stories and tales) and fields. She wishes that the children living in towns also know the traditions of their ancestors! And indeed, the creation of the vegetable garden of Jardin Eden and the lessons around the germination of seeds are part of the same approach!

Christelle would like to warmly thank our donors and sponsors: “We work hard with the children to make our donors proud! Each child and each manager goes above and beyond to become better! A big thank you to all of you!”


Translation by Katy Birgé-Wilson