Thank you! Charity Dinner SBA

This past October 8th the Serge Betsen Academy threw its first charity dinner in London. Over 300 people came to the Grange St Paul Hotel to support both the Indian Ocean Disaster Relief and Serge Betsen Academy.
To support this great event several athletes were in attendance. From the rugby world Aubin Hueber, Yann Delaigue, Lionel Faure, Lee Mears, Simon Shaw and Iain Balshaw. Along with these rugby men were William Gallas, Guy Demel and Darcel Yandzi.
This event was a great success for the Serge Betsen Academy! We are very proud to announce that through the generosity of our guests we were able to raise £50,330.
The main project that this money will go to is the relocation of our centre L’Eau Claire in Bangangté, which helps over 120 children. With the donation we now have the means to find a perfect solution for this centre and it will hopefully allow more children in the area to join us.
Another project the dinner helped is our “Snack a Day” that our CEO, Odile Prévot, presented. In envelopes collected throughout the evening we raised £1,902 which will provide one snack per day per child for the next year for 190 children.
We hope that all that were present spent an excellent evening with us and that the following photos and videos will entice the rest of you to join us for our next event!
Thank you to all of you our supporters, partners and sponsors!
Pictures :
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