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Odile Prevot: Her farewell message

As Odile Prevot is leaving the Serge Betsen Academy, she wanted to share this message:

“Closing a chapter is never easy… I write this post as I regroup from my last days as the CEO of the Serge Betsen Academy (“SBA”) after 10 years of volunteering… WOW!

I originally joined SBA with 3 intentions:

(1)  To contribute to a cause I believed in
(2)  To make change happen by providing the charity with my insight and expertise
(3)  To make an impact

In 10 years, I’m grateful not only to have stayed true to these intentions but also to have had so many wonderful experiences that I will keep as cherished memories forever.

This chapter was very rich in terms of projects that I set up from the Co-op of the rural women in Cameroon, the washable sanitary pads for the girls in Mali and Cameroun , the opening of SBA in Washington DC and later in Mali – but most memorably the relationships were incredible.

It’s never easy to leave a “family” but I do it with fond memories and lifelong friendships.

Thank you to the staff Jean Cyrille, Djibril, Chrystelle, Merlin, Abba, Moise, Josue in Cameroon and Yaya in Mali, to the staff in France and abroad, Jenna Delmas, Alexia Ceccherini, Marie O’Grady (Marin la Meslée), Mailys Finel Drouault, Sylvie, to the kids who gave me so much joy, to my super Moms in Bangangte who are on the fast track path to financial independence, to all our volunteers, ambassadors and donors who believed in this great story.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with my board members and am confident that the charity is much stronger than when I joined – with a budget that I multiplied by 10 in 10 years, a fantastic team, better and clearer communication, strong governance, a national and international recognition, and a successful financing plan which will take the charity to a next level. None of this would have been possible without the support of our sponsors — special thanks to Agence Française de Développement for recognizing our work on the ground and our potential to do more– and our terrific team. I strongly believe that the charity is in good hands with fresh leadership in place for this next part of the journey. Serge Betsen, you have been an inspiration, thank you for letting me lead the Serge Betsen Academy for the past 10 years, and I look forward to where you will take the SBA next!”

Odile Prevot