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Cameroon: A visit that our children will never forget, that of Serge Betsen!

The children of the Serge Betsen Academy were overjoyed to welcome Serge Betsen and Sylvie Ledard, our Project Manager, to Cameroon in June 2022. Serge and Sylvie stayed on site for about ten days in order to go round the various centres, spending time with the children and the volunteers, distributing numerous donations, discussing in depth with the managers about the current projects and going to meet our partners to thank them and also to make new contacts. A moving reunion and beautiful moments shared!


Visit of the centre of Bafia

Christophe, our volunteer, was also on the trip to take pictures and lend a hand, together with Romain Magellan, a former rugby player with an incomparable sense of humour, who assisted the coaches on the playing ground and entertained our children during various rugby training. We thank them both from the bottom of our hearts!
A few days after his return, Serge wrote: “A stay at and with the Serge Betsen Academy is always unforgettable! Thank you to all the children of SBA Cameroon for your warm welcome, to the volunteers of the many sites for your dedication, to the firms that welcomed us, to the donors and partners for following us.” Many projects were worked on during Serge’s stay; you can visit our social networks to follow in detail the progress of: the “SBA Pads project” (production and distribution of washable sanitary towels), the “Victor” bags which will be distributed before the start of the school year, the “Rugby4Kids” project, the SBA Coop, the implementation of intensive computer courses, etc.

Rugby session at the Eau Claire centre

All the children of SBA Cameroon and the coaches on site would like to thank Romain Magellan, Sylvie Ledard, Christophe and Serge Betsen for the extraordinary moments spent together in recent weeks. The equipment provided by our donors is very valuable to us to continue our activities: computers, rugby equipment, sportswear, toys, etc. Many thanks to our donors and partners for their generosity, as well as to the people that we were able to meet, such as Eric Niat, the mayor of Bangangté.

Eric Niat, Mayor of Bangangté and Serge Betsen wearing a T-Shirt of the Serge Betsen X IZBAC collection, in front of the City Hall

Some of the children met “Tonton Serge” for the very first time and will be marked for life by this long-awaited encounter. As for Sylvie, it was with great emotion that she met the children and the volunteers with whom she has spent long periods of time on the phone since taking up her post as Project Manager in February 2022.


What happiness in this month of June at the SBA!

Translation: Katy Birgé-Wilson

Partnership: Spend a night at a hotel with your partner and support the Serge Betsen Academy!

The Serge Betsen Academy (SBA) supports the SOLIKEND initiative, a new hotel reservation site based on a unique solidarity concept.

“Book your hotel and support charities. 100% of your fees for your stay will be paid to the charity of your choice.” The concept is explained in this video (in French):

An original and meaningful gift card for Valentine’s Day:

The SOLIKEND X Serge Betsen Academy gift card allows you to offer a stay in a superb selection of 2* to 5* hotels across France.

It is also a strong gesture for our charity as 100% of the card amount is donated to the Serge Betsen Academy.


How does it work?

  1. Order your gift e-card (from 50 € – equivalent of USD 56,5) on this page.
  2. The gift card will be sent directly to you by e-mail: all you have to do is print it out or forward it to the recipient.
  3. The card allows the recipient to book any of the partner hotels (more than 70 hotels) and is valid for of 2 years on all SOLIKEND offers; you can redeem it on one or more occasions.
  4. At the end of your stay, 100% of the amount of the card is transferred by the hotel owner to the SBA.

Solidarity guarantee: When the card expires (after 2 years), any unused amount left on the card will be transferred by SOLIKEND to the SBA.

Find out here more information. 


For any questions, the SOLIKEND team is at your disposal on +33 (0)5 59 43 85 05 or by email at: contact@solikend.com.


Translation by Katy Birgé-Wilson