Yaoundé, 30 January, 2015

To the big S.B.A. family
Dear directors of the centre Abraham/Sarah of Bafia, it is with great joy that I write to you to thank you for changing my life.
A little background, I became a child of the big S.B.A. family in 2011 while the centre was still named “Centre Rosy” of Bafia and I was in Premiere literature at the Bilingual Lycée of Bafia. I will never forget that day, my first contact with my brothers from the centre, we received the visit of our big brother Serge, who was accompanied by a large delegation of volunteers and Mrs Odile. From this moment, I realized the luck I had to integrate into this large family; I also understood what I had to do due to the sacrifices that were being made for me. I was finally receiving material and financial support to allow me to reach difficult objectives such as completing my end of the year exams. I must emphasize that thanks to the S.B.A. I was able to touch a computer for the first time.

In regards to all these sacrifices, I had no reason to not study as I had to produce what was expected of me. As well, seeing my situation of being an orphan I had to put myself solely into my studies so that I could go further; as my uncle could not assist me. I resided in the village of Lablé, 6 km away from the centre, but that did not keep me from coming to study even after working hard in the fields those mornings.
Thanks to the S.B.A., I was able to reach my first big goal: passing my baccalaureate exam even if I was sad about leaving the welcoming centre, this second family. Despite the distance, I have lost nothing that was taught at the S.B.A. It is thanks to this that I didn’t lose any time while at university.

This past year studying psychology ended with my admittance into License 2. Today, I have the joy to announce my admission into the School of Nursing, Medical Technicians, and Sanitary Engineering of Yaoundé where I will complete my Nursing degree.

Today, I become a man and I owe a big part of this to the S.B.A. and I swear to continue always working hard to be a good example for my young brothers.

On the other hand, I would like to tell my brothers to not neglect the opportunities offered to you; work hard and arrive on time to the centre; listen to your tutors and director as well as your big brother André Betsen. I wish you much success in your studies.

I promise you that my first act as medical personnel is to recommend a consultation in regards to preventing all diseases.

Long life to the S.B.A, peace, prosperity and success to the centre Abraham/Sarah. Thank you big brother Serge for all the help that he offers to our lives; thank you Mrs Odile for the effort and sacrifice that she gives in order to come to the aide if children that she doesn’t even know; thank you Grandma Ngami for the worry she has for us, and to you “father” Jean Cyrille Monthé thank you for the guidance that I will never forget.

Josué Bidias
Nursing Student