CAMEROON: Etoudi – Nkol-Eton Centre

Since August 2022, the rugby sessions have been taking place at the stadium of the bilingual high-school of Nkol-Eton on Monday from 4:00pm to 6:00pm in order to offer better playing conditions. Beforehand and from 2014, the team of Ekounou was playing in the Etoudi neighborhood and in June 2015 the centre trained a new rugby team. Through this sport, the centre hopes to give young adults an opportunity to discover teamwork. Since August 2020, Josué, former child from SBA and nurse is present to provide health follow up to the players.

The centre currently hosts 20 players aged 16 to 32 and 1 coach, Moise.

Organisation of the centre:

  • The centre opens its doors: once a week, on Monday
  • On-site activities: rugby, health care