Our success stories: Djanabou is a 27 year-old girl who is learning to read and write at SBA!

Djanabou is a 27-year-old Muslim woman who lives in Yaoundé. She wanted to learn to read and write but could not afford to go back to school, so she got in touch with the Jardin Eden center to ask for help.

Nadège, Manager of the center immediately welcomed her in the center and started to teach her how to read and write! The young woman has been attending the center every day for the last 8 months and has made tremendous progress since her arrival!

At SBA, we are proud of offering support for all without exception and we encourage girls to make their dreams come true and to do as well as boys. We believe in the potential of African girls and women and fight for their education and the establishment of a generation of equality. Empowering girls and changing mentalities are crucial.

On the occasion of the #WomensInternationalDay on # 08March2020, we are happy to honor Djanabou and her fight for an access to education.