Bafia : one year after the opening

It was the main project of 2014, the tenth anniversary of Serge Betsen ACADEMY.

The photos were taken on October 26th, new updates will arrive shortly.


Thus, at present, the plastering and the joists are fully completed.

Testimony of Jean-Cyril, a leader of the Center “Abraham & Sarah”:

“About joists, I must inform you of the joy that is mine because the work was performed by two of our children who are in “Terminal Carpentry-Joinery” school level : Betsen André and Bertrand Bessong BEREM. Face to my refusal to intercede with the contractor to give them a part of the market for everything related to wood, they themselves fought for and obtained the joists lot, a small market of 350.000FCFA.Huge was my surprise when, at the end of the work, the contractor came to tell me that these children have displayed a professionalism that has confused him and that he regretted not having given their confidence more than that, related to the quality and strength of their work. Coming out from the mouth of that man I know quite picky, I must tell you that this is a point to be proud of.”