Help Nico and Manu to raise funds for the London Marathon!

Nicolas and Emmanuel are raising funds for our charity as part of the London Marathon. They are training hard to get ready for this rewarding experience on Sunday 23rd April. If Serge doesn’t tackle them on the bitumen during a training session, they should both cross that long-awaited goal line ;) !

We would appreciate if you gave us a hand by making a donation on this crowdfunding platform. We need your contribution for one specific project. As you know, we are currently finishing the building of our centre “Eau Claire” in Cameroon, this is due to complete at the end of April 2017. As part of this initiative, Nicolas and Emmanuel have set the objective to raise £3,000 that will be specifically used, by our team, to buy additional medical equipment, to finance our prevention campaigns for 2017 and assure the visits of two doctors twice a week in the new centre. Thanks to your help, these facilities will improve medical access to this population in a remote area.

We’re counting on your support and we thank Nicolas and Emmanuel for representing us!