Event: A unifying charity tournament in Cherbourg!

It was at the initiative of Quentin Lagallarde, President of the Cherbourg Hague Rugby Club that a charity tournament, open to all, was organised on Sunday 12th of May at the Cherbourg Manécierie stadium. Some of the city’s economic and political players came together in honour of our charity to step onto the rugby playing field and participate in a tournament in a warm and good-natured atmosphere. A few players, in the spirit of good humour, even put on their old rugby boots abandoned several years ago, for a good cause.

The great rugby team A generous donation

Men and women from different political backgrounds met up on the field, proving that rugby and charitable causes do go beyond the divisions and have a unifying effect, and this could only please Serge Betsen who advocates the human values of his sport.

At the end of this solidarity sports day, USD 1197 were raised to help our children in Cameroon.

A big thank you to the Cherbourg Hague Rugby Club for organising this beautiful day and to all the participants for their involvement and their generosity. This solidarity tournament celebrating rallying and equality fits perfectly with the values we wish to convey. Congratulations to everybody!

Translation by Katy Birgé-Wilson