Event : Ealing Half Marathon, UK, Sept. 2017

On the 23rd of  September, SBA team SBA ran the Ealing Half Marathon.

Two years ago they raised nearly £4,000 for the charity and it made a life changing improvment for many children in Cameroun.

This year, a new team has decided to take up the challenge again and beat the record. They fixed their fundraising target at £5,000 (6,578$).

They trained as hard as professionnal runners…. Have a look here!

The dream team: Bertie Kloetgen; Laurent Leslé; Sebastien Gerinet; Philipe Allard; Emmanuel Pringalle; Arnaud Leclerc; Roger Nash; Gareth Down; Édouard Sénéchal; Olivier Morato has won its challenge.

They are all finishers and they managed to collect around £9,000 (11,840$) !

A big thank you to them, the new heroas of the SBA!