Cameroon : Donations needed to run a deworming and anti-malaria campaign!

The SBA carries on growing and after setting up the education pole in Zoétélé, it is the health pole that is born at the end of the year with the presence of a nurse once a week in the centre. In this town in the middle of the bush, it is not rare to find pests and mosquitoes that transmit malaria. After only a month of consultations, the nurse asserted that it was necessary to organize a deworming and anti-malarial treatment campaign. For this we need your help as we need US$335 to conduct exams for the 25 children of the center. So you will enable them to study in good health!

We would like to thank Guillaume who donated some money and would like to ask our other generous friends to follow his path.

Contact us via to find out more and make a donation of any amount to help us here.