Cameroon : Visit to centre to Bafia, April 2017

Our time in Cameroon ended with a visit to our centre in Bafia. We were welcomed by Jean Cyrille, the centre director.

We found our 4 boys, who we host at the centre, as well as Amina whom we have also been helping this past year.  Their academic results have gotten better.  We wish them a strong end to their school year!

This passage through Bafia offered us some beautiful moments.  The young people had the chance to ask Serge questions, which allowed them to know him better.  We also worked on empowering these adolescents by encouraging them to affirm their dream, vis-à-vis their parents, and to prioritize their studies over working in the fields.  There are still a few problems related to absenteeism, but it is diminishing little by little.


Here are two beautiful smiles for you to enjoy by Justin and Audrey.  They have attended the SBA Bafia centre for the past several years and despite fluctuating grades, they are always very motivated to give the best of themselves in order to thank the SBA in the best of ways.


Enjoy the centre song that was sung by the adolescents with a surprise!  Since January 2016, English courses have been added to the centre activities.  You will see the progress that has already been made.