Cameroon : Visit to centre Jardin Eden, April 2017

The children from the centre Jardin Eden welcomed the SBA team and “Uncle Serge” with songs and traditional dances. They had prepared this small ceremony with their directors by making their own costumes and preparing their speeches, a great educational activity.  This surprise by the “petites frimousses” of the Jardin Eden delighted the public.

A clip of the dance can be found here.

Once their shyness had passed, we were able to listen to the pretty stories and especially to see the progress of the children, especially those of Alma (CP) and Madeleine (CE2), who had significant difficulty at the beginning of the school year. Their parents did not have the resources to pay for their schooling.  Today these two girls have finished their second trimester as the 1st and 3rd student in their respective classes.  Serge and the SBA team congratulated them on their job well done.

Thank you to Nadege, Kurt, François, and Christelle, the activities leaders of Jardin Eden.