Event: SBA 10th anniversary & Festirugby


On Wednesday, July 23th took place in Bayonne 10 years anniversary of SERGE BETSEN ACADEMY. In the famous opening of Fêtes de Bayonne, the event was a great success with a full stadium, a great atmosphere in the stands, the show on the field and an excellent spirit between players and referees.

Flashback on this event organized by the SBA.


Dear friends, partners, and godparents,


Thanks to you the 10th anniversary of the Serge Betsen Academy celebrations were a wonderful success! These events, the Anglet Beach Rugby Festival, in which we participated, and the FESTI’ RUGBY, which we organized, raised 7203€.  Pictures from these events can be found on our Facebook page, Serge Betsen Academy.  As for the generous donations, they will serve to expand the Bafia center in Cameroon.
You can find photos of the event on our Facebook page (“like” the page and view the album):

As this expansion progresses we will keep you informed via our quarterly newsletter

Press coverage:

Again, thank you for your support that is fully benefiting the children in Cameroon. My thanks and till next time !