Cameroon : Collaboration with the Jean Félicien Gacha Foundation on rugby

In the midst of the Rugby World Cup, the cultural department of the Jean Félicien Gacha foundation showed the movie Invictus, in presence of the rugbymen of the SBA Bangangté centre. After the movie, in order to stay in the theme of Africa and Rugby, a rugby initiation class was offered to the public by the Serge Betsen Academy.
The pouring rain did not undermine the fighting spirit of the SBA rugbymen… After the projection of Invictus, the players recreated the game… and the historical logic was respected: 27 to 17 for South Africa (in blue) against New Zealand… A word from the foundation: “Congratulations to all on this big first for the foundation and the lesson in sportiness it taught us, confirming the belief that ‘Football is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans, and rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen”.
Thank you for the invitation!


Rugby initiation at the Gacha Foundation

Event: The Enjoy & Care Golf Trophy

This friendly sports day raised USD 26,950 for the benefit of various charities: the Jeep a Breast, Bandjoun Station, Peña Kimio, Water Family and the Serge Betsen Academy for the first time!

A beautiful Golf day on this 8th of October brought together on the green, Kelly Slater and Stéphanie Gilmore, world surfing champions, and all the teams including the “Betsen” team which was represented by our great volunteers Marguerite-Marie and Nelly who were also present on the green.

After all the golfing, an auction took place; once again all the money raised went to the charities.

This 8th of October Golf day, enabled the Serge Betsen Academy to receive USD 1,685 in donations for its first participation. These funds will be dedicated to our education pole for the year 2020.

For a first Try, this one was beautifully converted for the SBA. Thank you! Really looking forward to the next events!

Translation by Katy Birge-Wilson

Cameroon: Donation from BIC!

Thanks to the generosity of the BIC group, our children have enough blue and red pens for the whole year!

The perfect tool for their academic success is in their hands.

Thank you BIC for helping our children to study in good study conditions!

Cameroon: Visit of the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation

In October, Jenna, our Project Manager and Djibril, the Manager of the Eau Claire Center visited the Jean-Félicien Gacha Foundation. They had an interesting and constructive discussion with the staff of the foundation.

We are proud to collaborate with this beautiful Foundation whose values ​are ​close to ours on the occasion of Philippe’s bamboo and pearl objects training. And we hope we will collaborate again soon on other projects.

Some books have been donated by the foundation to our children and we feel grateful for that.

Cameroon: Setting up the Zoétélé infirmary

After opening the education pole at the Zoétélé centre at the beginning of the school year 2018, we met a nurse in Zoétélé, who had decided to volunteer and provide consultations to the children from the centre once a week.

In line with what we already set up in Bangangté and Bafia, the centre of Zoétélé will now be operational on our triple focus: Education, Health and Rugby.

We are extremely proud of this achievement! It’s amazing to see the SBA growing!