Pictures : Charity Concert 2016

Here are the pictures of our yearly charity concert.

Thank to all of you we raised more than £1,760 ($2,500). That’s wonderful and the event was amazing

We will be able to allow more children to discover music developping their imagination and creativity.

Thank you to all the sponsors  to make it possible.

Photo competition : Your opinion is important

“The Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) is seeking images that capture Africa in its many diverse settings and communities, depicting the developments, challenges and opportunities that could potentially characterise the next decade.”

SBA via Serge Betsen is going to apply and try to win the prize to help our actions in Cameroon.
To do that we would like to have your opinion, it’s very important for us, on the following pictures.
Let us know the number(bottom right) of your favorite picture in the comment.

myafrica 1 myafrica2 myafrica3
If you’re thinking about another picture from our previous trips to Cameroon don’t hesitate to share it in the comments.



Cameroon : National Day and Parade

National Day is a holiday in Cameroon celebrated on 20 May.

On the 20th of May 1972, in a national referendum Cameroonians voted for a unitary state as opposed to the existing federal state. At this occasion children all over the country go to schools and celebrate this day usually by singing, carrying out parades or marches all around the different parts of their various cities

In Bangangté, in West Cameroon, SBA’s children of the centre L’eau Claire are part of the parade. And a rugby game was organised.

Save the date : Charity Concert, 21st May 2016, London

In presence of Serge Betsen, young talented musicians get together to perform works from the classical repertoire to raise funds for the benefit of disadvantaged children in Cameroon.
All proceeds will go to support the charitable work of the Serge Betsen Academy in Cameroon, Serge’s native country.


Saturday 21st of May 2016, at 11.30am

Institut Français du Royaume Uni – 17 Queensberry Pl, London, SW7 2DT