USA : SBA helps Perry Street Prep Shcool, Washington DC

Visit of Perry Street Prep School
Serge went to Perry Street Prep School, offered a medical kit and hopes to see them next trip.

The school enjoyed a successful epic at the time Tal Bayer led the team. Here is a short video and article for more information:


Tribute : “Charlie” Olicard

I wanted to pay tribute to a young French boy who lived a few years in Cameroon and died on July 24th at the age of twenty. Following this tragic event, his parents wanted to make a donation to the SBA in honor of his memory, his love for Cameroon and the values of rugby.

A room in the new building in Bafia will be named “CHARLIE” in his memory.

Serge Betsen



The parents testimony

“Charly lived in Cameroon with us from 2001 to 2005 and from 2010 to 2012 where he was educated at the Lycée Savio in Douala. This is also in Cameroon that he had his baccalauréat. He was also part of the High School rugby team. His best years, as he liked to define had happened in his adopted country (see the photo of a sea landscape Kribi he always had on his phone) and he wanted to return to live there after his studies there with the woman who was to become his wife Marion. He made the ascent of Mount Cameroon. He was a young athlete, laughing, loving, good dancer, dances including ballroom dancing), close to others and always ready to help his friends. He loved “tonic” sports, rugby, full contact, etc … he practiced but also music, he played the drums, guitar and sang beautifully.

He had fixed ideas on a number of topics and he was almost unbeatable in African geopolitics, many adults have paid the price … Very young, he was elected to the Municipal Youth Council of the city where we lived after campaigning in his college to collect votes. He was a proud ambassador and took his role very seriously and his family represented something very important to him. “


USA : Yorktown Tournament

Serge was the godfather of the 7’s rugby tournament in Maryland. The Lycée Rochambeau, partner of the SBA, won the trophy.
You can find all the pictures on our Facebook page: by Jacob Rausher


Event : RUGBY CLUB Paris

Wednesday, November 5th was held an event organized by our partner Val Thorens ski resort in favor of SERGE BETSEN ACADEMY.

In that symbolic place of French rugby, the RUGBY CLUB in Paris (, an auction allowed the SBA to receive a donation of € 2,500.

A big thank you to the RUGBY CLUB team and Thomas Chardon in particular, our partner Val Thorens and Yannick Nyanga for his signed shirt!

More photos on our Facebook page:




Video : 20th Ovalies Lasalle Beauvais

On 8th May 2014, SERGE Betsen ACADEMY participated in the 20th anniversary of the Ovalies Lasalle Beauvais.

Here is the official video and some pictures of the check presentation on our Facebook page:

Liberia : SBA helps the charity L.A.C.E.S

The office of the SERGE BETSEN ACADEMY decided to award a $ 200 donation to the Liberian charity LACES (Life And Change Experienced through Sports) :

This charity – established in the United States – is based on the same concept as SERGE BETSEN ACADEMY:

_ All funds are for the benefit of on-site activities in Liberia.

_ About 500 children are introduced to football to avoid street life.

Severely affected by the Ebola virus, Liberia needs support. Please support this initiative, especially in these difficult times for the country.

“In 2006 I had the opportunity to volunteer in Liberia, West Africa. Liberia had recently come to the end of a brutal 14- year civil war, and through the relationships built with others through sports I realized the impact sports can have in providing an avenue of restoration in Liberia. Since 2007, L.A.C.E.S., which stands for Life and Change Experienced thru Sports has built a sports’ for development program that empowers communities, parents, and current leaders to cultivate positive role models and provide a platform to address social issues. I have worked in International Development for the last 8 years.” Seren Fryatt

This was the opportunity for Serge to meet Seren Fryatt, founder of LACES.

USA : SBA invited by the World Bank !

The SBA, through the general secretary Odile Prévot, was invited to the CSO day (civil society organizations) of the World Bank. Chaired by Christine Lagarde (IMF Managing Partner) and Dr. Kim (President of the World Bank), more than a hundred CSO were present at this forum.


The topics were varied and were mainly concerning:

  • Ebola and its consequences,
  • the role of women in developing countries,
  • racial diversity
  • gender equality,
  • Youth in Africa.

A nice audience to get the SBA known in the United States!



Cameroon : SBA supports APAJ association to build a well


Here are some pictures of  the project in Abang for which SBA has helped to finance.

This is the inauguration of the new well.




USA : meeting with the Ambassador of Cameroon

During the evening “Beaujolais Nouveau”, Serge Betsen and Odile, CEO, have met with the Ambassador of Cameroon in the USA, Joseph B. C. FOE ATANGANA