Event: A physical challenge for a humanitarian cause

A physical challenge benefitting to underprivileged children of the desert


Marion and Anne, two women from Lyon, are going to take part in the cup “Roses des Sables” (http://www.enfantsdudesert.org) in order to help the children of the desert (http://trophee-roses-des-sables.net).


A physical challenge for a humanitarian cause: they are going to distribute at least 50 Kg of basic supplies during a Moroccan rally raid.

Starting on 11 October 2012

Serge Betsen Academy and its chairman –Serge Betsen, give all their support to Marion and Anne for this adventure!


>>> They did it!! After 10 days running through the Spanish and Moroccan desert , they distributed the supplies to the children before coming back to France ! 

For additional information, visit their website -> http://lyonnesdessables.trophee-roses-des-sables.org/



Cameroon: Support to the Apprentis d’Auteuil

Serge Betsen Academy supports a project of the French instituion Apprentis d’Auteuil in Douala-PK24

In July 2012, the French institution -Apprentis d’Auteuil organised an international building site for the benefit of the charity Homes of Saint Nicodème that take care of the street children in Douala. Serge Betsen Academy decided to financially support the project and attended the opening of the site.

The project:

  • Construction of two houses in the observation and stabilisation household “farm PK24”: painting, plumbing, masonry, tiling, electricity …..
  • Renovation of facilities for the reception of young


  • 12 girls and boys from the French institution Notre Dame d’Apprentis d’Auteuil (La Loupe, 28), managed by four teachers.
  • 12 Cameroonian boys and girls, street children of Douala, who live in the St Nicodème NGOMA under the responsibility of four teachers.

Everybody lived and worked in partnership during 21 days, sharing their meals and activities. They have evolved in a context that was unknown and that was sometimes difficult to manage. Thanks to their motivation and determination, it has been a very successful mission for the benefit