Serge Betsen Tour: The Tarariens were here!

 On Saturday 26th, was held the second date of the SB Tour in Tarare (next to Lyon). This event also was the opportunity to celebrate the 100 years of the Sporting Club of Tarare (SCT).


This day, full of emotions, was organised in different parties: during the morning defence workshops were held as well as a parade composed by current and former players of the club. In the afternoon a giant scrum with hundreds people overran the stadium. A dancing party took place in the evening to end this nice celebration. Not to mention the wonderful bandas that accompanied us all along the festival.


The charity and its chairman Serge Betsen thank the organizers of this great day, which also helped the SBA to raise funds.

Serge Betsen Tour: Celebrations in Clichy!

 The third date of the Serge Betsen Tour took place on 2 June  in Clichy.


During this family day, various rugby workshops were organised for the children with the participation of Serge Betsen. A “thank you” banner made by the children welcomed  Serge when he arrived.

As the Serge Betsen Academy has just opened a branch in Clichy, the charity was even more present with a stand held by volunteers presenting our action and welcoming our generous donors.

Following the arrival of Cameroonian women, we saw our Chairman joining in the dancing (a video is published on Facebook at Photos were taken with Serge Betsen, the children of Clichy, and a sponsor – who recently gave the opportunity to a group of children from Clichy and Val de Marne (two Parisian suburbs and new branches of the charity) to go to Serge Betsen’s testimonial in Biarritz on 6 June.

The day carried on with an entertaining dinner while watching the final top 14 rugby game and ended with an evening dance.


The Serge Betsen Academy’s team and the  Chairman would like to thank the organisers of this great event, as well as all the people who attended.



Event: Kickers’ Trophy

We are delighted to announce that Heini Adams will represent the Serge Betsen Academy by at the “Kickers’ Trophy” to be held on 6 July 2012 in Boulazac. His performance will define the donation that will be given to our charity.


A sporting challenge for a just cause
The Kickers’ Trophy in a nutshell


Imagine the best kickers in the Top 14 competing in spectacular challenges! This will be the most attended ever meeting with the best kickers in the TOP 14, as never seen before!

Romain Teulet (top point scorer of TOP 14), Julien Dupuy (kicker at France XV), Conrad Barnard (top point scorer 2011/12 of the TOP 14) and more will compete in front your eyes.

For more information and to reserve tickets, please visit their website:

and on facebookée-des-Botteurs/315570548506555

Serge Betsen Tour: A colourful start

The Serge Betsen Tour started this weekend in Limoux!


 The program included workshops defence led by Serge Betsen, David Ellis and other rugby players. This activity was available to the children in the morning (600 young were present). For lunch, Serge Betsen and David Ellis talked about rugby values in the business world. An autograph session was organised during the afternoon before closing the festival of rugby with a friendly match. The event concluded with a gala evening: everybody met around a nice dinner and music entertainment.


The first date of the SB Tour gave the SBA the opportunity to raise public awareness about the issues concerning underprivileged children in Cameroon and elsewhere. Through this meeting and your support we managed to raise funds while gathering the rugby union and rugby league …everybody’s getting closer thanks to rugby!


The Serge Betsen Academy and its Chairman thank the organizers of this festival.