10 years, 10 stories (4)

For the ten years anniversary of the SBA, we propose to revisit the highlights of the past with the testimonies of those who have sustained the organization throughout its existence.

Alexia was the project manager of SBA for two years.

During my two years in the Serge Betsen Academy, I could make unforgettable encounters especially during my travels in Cameroon. Among the many memories I will keep in mind ; the children always friendly in l’Eau Claire and their spirit of self-help receptions; the smiles of youngs in Jardin Eden; the willingness of players in Ekounou, training on muddy field. I was struck by the unfailing motivation and recognition of the youngs in Bafia but also the tenderness of children in Zoetele. Not to mention the commitment and generosity of the local team, which carries out the actions forehead despite the difficulties and inspired by the joy of children.

I wish a good future for the SBA, children and all those who make actions doable for a beautiful cause.