Event: Ovalies Lasalle Beauvais

Every year in May, Beauvais became the capital of the oval ball on the occasion of Ovalies LaSalle Beauvais, the largest Humanitarian European Rugby Universitary Tournament…

80 teams of France and Europe , divided into a 32 teams tournament (XV Male) and two tournaments 24 teams (VII Male and VII Female) . 3000 fans.

These games bring nearly 3,000 people – players , fans , visitors, volunteers – a sports program on two days under the banner : ” * Generosity , Friendship, Sportsmanship ” .


2014 is an anniversary edition : the event celebrated its 20th anniversary on May 9th and 10th.
It is also an exemplary manifestation approach in terms of disability, environment, gender ( 27% of players ) and engagement with 550 student volunteers .

This year was another great success. We thank the organization for this great event so close to the values ​​SERGE BETSEN ACADEMY !