Partnership: The ‘Recycling Rugby’ campaign reached an astonishing € 50,000 in less than 4 years.

In nearly 4 years the Recycling Rugby  campaign collected and donated € 50,000 to our association. You can help them reach another milestone in 2020 for the benefit of our children in need.

Take the opportunity and have a look at the Recycling Rugby  new items!

Luxury bags, week-end getaway bags, toilet bags have been added alongside the usual and popular items made with recycled rugby balls.

Don’t wait and place an order via the facebook page. As a reminder 100% of the profit is donated to the SBA!

This partnership is the fruit of a long lasting and solid friendship between Lionel and Serge. Lionel’s engagement to the SBA children cause has been witnessed during his trips and initiatives like this intervention he made to a group of French young people to talk about ecology, charity work and to raise awareness about the issues that underprivileged children face in poor countries.

Recycling Rugby bag


Translation by Marc Fayemi

Cameroon: Celebrating the festive seasons in our centres

Our various centres celebrated Christmas, each in their very own way this year, with great joy. Bright Christmas tree for the little ones of the Jardin Eden, Get together and dance the night away for the rugby players of Etoudi and their coach Moise, same thing at the Bafia centre and a generous dinner a Bangangté, which was embellished with beautiful decorations to celebrate Christmas and the start of 2020.

Our little ones really worked hard to decorate the place and they shared a good dinner filled with joy.

Thanks to you, friends and donors of the SBA, these children and their families contemplate the future with serenity. The education that they receive gives them hope and confidence.

Eau Claire Center during the Festive Season  Eau Claire Center during the Festive Season

Christmas and New Year Party at the Bafia Center  Christmas decoration at the Bafia center

Christmas dinner at the Bafia center  Christmas dinner at the Bafia center

Christmas dinner in Etoudi  Christmas dinner Etoudi

Christmas dinner Jardin Eden  Christmas dinner Jardin Eden

Christmas dinner Jardin Eden

Mali: TV report

Our study trip in Mali is already on the new bulletin of Nieta TV.

Watch it here (in French) to find out more about the objectives of our visit:



Mali: Study trip in Mali

Serge Betsen and Odile Prevot went to Mali for a study trip in early January to meet rugby players from Bamako, discuss with their coaches and possibly duplicate the Serge Betsen Academy in another country on the African continent.

Rugby matches in Mali

Rugby matches were organized in Bamako on the occasion of the visit of Serge Betsen and Odile Prevot who quickly realized that rugby was bringing lost of joy in Mali. Transposing the SBA to Mali would mean sharing our passion and the values ​​of rugby to the country’s youth and carry on using our sport as a vector for development.

It was also an honor for Serge and Odile to meet Arouna Modibo Touré, Minister of Youth and Sports of Mali, in order to discuss about the transposition of the SBA in Mali. Together we want to strengthen the African rugby, share the passion and values ​​of this sport which means so much to us and make it a real vector for development!

Arouna Modibo Touré, Serge Betsen and Odile

Finally, all the SBA team would like to thank very much H.E. Mahamadou Nimaga for enabling us to discover his country from Washington DC. Thanks to him, this trip in Mali was a real success!

Mahamadou Nimaga and Odile Prevot in Washington DC