Cameroon: Cleanups in the neighborhood of our centers

In Bangangté, we have set up a monthly campaign to clear out litter around the center. Raising environmental awareness among the children is very important to us.  And after the cleanup, we don’t forget to ask our children to wash their hands with the soap generously offered by the Hilton Yaoundé Hotel!


Anniversary: Recap of our 15th anniversary and festive season wishes from our centres!

❤🎄🎊 We wish you all a very happy festive season! ❤🎄🎊

In 2019, we celebrated our 15th anniversary. At Serge Betsen Academy (SBA), we had an amazing year ! We would like to thank you for your support and suggest you to read this newsletter which offers an insight into this special year.

Please find out our newsletter here.

The SBA children would like to wish you a happy new year!


Partnership: Das Welt Auto supports the installation of solar panels in our centres

Thanks to its support and its USD17,691 donation, Das Welt Auto has enabled Serge Betsen Academy to install solar panels at its Bafia and Bangangté centres. Local firm Hias Consulting carried out the work.

We now have 10 panels in Bangangté and 6 in Bafia. These supply the centres and make up for the events of supply reduction on the grid, as happens only too often unfortunately in these towns of Cameroon.

All our children and young adults can therefore work, study and learn thanks to our computers and the centres’ lights after nightfall, which is around 6pm year-round in this part of the world.

Thanks again to Das Welt Auto for making the tutoring sessions so much more comfortable for our students.


Bafia Centre

Bâtiment Centre Bafia  Bâtiment Centre Bafia with light

  Christmas and New Year Party at the Bafia Center with light  Board with light

Bangangté Centre

Building Bagangté Center  Bangangté center at night with light

Lights  Families inside the Bangangté center

Partnerships: Are you looking for ideas for original and solidarity gifts for Christmas?

Thanks to our partners Solikend, Sports d’époque (Vintage Sports) and Recycling Rugby, you can treat your loved ones while supporting our charity.

To give someone a treat at Christmas, choose:

– A Solikend gift card for a dream stay in a hotel in France (100% of the amount will be donated to the SBA), place your order here (website in French only).

– A tri-colour polo shirt or sweater from the Serge Betsen X Sports d’époque (5% of sales will be donated to us), place your order here.

– A bag, case, purse, wallet … made from recycled rugby balls. Visit the Recycling Rugby Facebook page to place your order! (100% of the amount donated to the SBA).

Make the most of the festive season and support us!

For more information, please read our newsletter.

Translation by Katy Birge-Wilson