Our success stories: Pierrette, always ready to lend a hand!

Pierrette came to the centre in 2009 at the same time as her daughter Fanny.

Whilst Fanny studied with the other children at the centre, Pierrette was always here and there lending a hand: clearing, cleaning and other manual work…

Pierrette used to be a secretary, now she works for the centre as a well-known cook on the weekends and as a maintenance lady during the week.

She really enjoys the life at the centre: “The children come to see me all the time as I live so close to the centre. When they are not here, I MISS THEM! ”

Thank you Pierrette for helping us breathe life into the centre.


Translation by Katy Birgé-Wilson

Our success stories: Diane attends tutoring sessions in Bafia and makes sure that the Center is clean!

Diane is 16 years old and she studies at the Lycée Classique et Moderne in Bafia.
For the past 3 years, she has attended the SBA Center of Bafia every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. She enjoys spending time at the Center where she found herself a caring and solidary family!
Moreover, she pays a lot of attention to the cleanness of her working environment. She takes part in cleaning and cooking with Pierrette, our head cook. Diane has now been appointed responsible for the cleaning of the Center. She makes sure that the facilities are clean for our students to learn in a hygienic environment and deals with the distribution of meals. Her contribution to the Center is of great value and we love to have her set such a good precedent for our students.

Our success stories : Hermine, a devoted and beaming tutor in the Bafia center!

Our success stories: Hermine, a devoted and beaming tutor in the Bafia center!

This is Hermine. She is the Bafia Center’s second in charge. Since September 2018, she comes in every day to study nutrition, her favorite subject. 

She is in charge of the Bafia center when Jean-Cyrille is not available : she opens the Center, deals with the homeworks and organises workshops according to levels. 

Cécile, our dear volunteer has asked her what she likes most in her Center : “its dynamism, but also its friendly atmosphere : we gather and we speak about our problems, we share our secrets.”

She ends the discussion with Cécile by telling her : “I used to be shy. Now, people listen to me and I laugh a lot”.