Cameroon : Construction at the new Eau Claire centre

Works have begun on the construction of the SBA’s new centre in Bangangté, where Odile in September – followed by Jenna, Lionel and Francis in October – visited the site. The project’s plan, including the location of the buildings and Philippe’s workshop, has been established and is now underway after the end of the rain season.


At the end of December, progess are considerable!

Cameroon : Medical, Educational and Rugby equipment sent from HAE and Magma Aviation

Following the arrival of 60kg-worth of clothing and rugby material, brought during Lionel and Jenna’s trip, another 62kg of material (including balls, books, medicine and rugby gear) arrived on Friday 1 December in Yaoundé from the United States. The equipment will be distributed to the SBA’s different centres in Cameroon.