« The charity Serge Betsen Academy has always supported various clubs and organisations working in education, rugby and healthcare in Cameroon. I was contacted several times by a charity in Zoetele, so I went there to visit their facility. There I met the children, the managers and all the organisations working with this nice charity which is lead on the same model as SBA. That’s why the board of Serge Betsen Academy has decided to include this charity as the fifth centre of SBA in Cameroon. »

Serge Betsen

ZOETELE: fifth centre in Cameroon helped by Serge Betsen Academy

Through this centre Serge Betsen Academy helps an extra 250 children, with its action based on: rugby, education and healthcare. It is managerd by Abaa, our rugby coordinator.

This partnership encompasses the following objectives :

  • To promote the sport of rugby and develop social integration through sport practice in rural areas, located 1h45 far from the capital Yaoundé, next to Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.
  • To train trainers for SBA and other organisations, in order to ensure a regular monitoring and effective staffing schedules  (trainers, players, referee, volunteers)