Situated in Bafia (3 hours from Yaoundé),  this centre was funded by Rose, a retired nurse. It’s now managed by Jean Cyrille.

A new building was built in January 2013 not far from the previous centre called Rosy.

In April 2015, we have finished the expansion of this centre, providing space to 30 additional students.

The centre’s organisation:

    • School support is provided twice a week
    • Sport session and introduction to rugby are provided once a week.
    • The centre accommodates 45 children every week.

Since 2005 we have been funding the cost of education for all children at the centre (purchase of school supplies, uniforms, registration fees etc.). Since 2006, a Christmas meal is organised for the children at the centre.

The charity is very proud of the excellent academic results of our children, more than 70% success rate concerning the exams each year.

A big thank you to teachers and volunteers, without whom none of this would be possible.