Bafia : Inauguration of the new centre

Previously called Rosy centre, it is now a new building which is opened every Saturday for the children.

The workers as well as our young teenagers of Bafia and their parents worked for two months on this new project which has been completed mid-January.

A computer room, a library and a drop-in clinic are now available to our children who have started again the school support.

We thank the parents and the teenagers for their efforts and their involvement in the construction of the centre. This demostrates their commitment and willigness.

Event: Christmas Lotto

Three years after our first Christmas Lotto in Biarritz, Serge Betsen Academy organised a similar event last December, at the same place, for the same cause and with the same success !

We shared this friendly and entertaining moment with Serge Betsen who distributed prizes to winners. This was a nice occasion to raise funds in favour of underprivileged children of Cameroon and particularly to complete the construction of the Bafia centre .

In the name of the children we are helping, the charity would like to thank all the participants and generous donators, as well as Nelly for her commitment to the organisation of this event.


Cameroon: A container of more than two tonnes

More than two and a half tonnes of various equipment were shipped to Cameroon in November 2012.

For Christmas, clothes, shoes, linens, books, sports equipment, medical equipment, toys and others were directly distributed to the children of our centres for their greatest happiness.

20 computers and 5 printers were generously provided by the CCAS (Caisse Centrale d’Activité Sociale), a work council of the French company EDF. This action helped provide our centres with a computer room available to the children. In L’Eau Claire centre where the computer room already existed, the equipment has been renewed. Two computers were donated to the school for deaf-mutes in Yaoundé.

In the name of the children, Serge Betsen Academy thanks all donors and volunteers without whom this would not have been possible.

Event: A physical challenge for a humanitarian cause

A physical challenge benefitting to underprivileged children of the desert


Marion and Anne, two women from Lyon, are going to take part in the cup “Roses des Sables” ( in order to help the children of the desert (


A physical challenge for a humanitarian cause: they are going to distribute at least 50 Kg of basic supplies during a Moroccan rally raid.

Starting on 11 October 2012

Serge Betsen Academy and its chairman –Serge Betsen, give all their support to Marion and Anne for this adventure!


>>> They did it!! After 10 days running through the Spanish and Moroccan desert , they distributed the supplies to the children before coming back to France ! 

For additional information, visit their website ->



Cameroon: Support to the Apprentis d’Auteuil

Serge Betsen Academy supports a project of the French instituion Apprentis d’Auteuil in Douala-PK24

In July 2012, the French institution -Apprentis d’Auteuil organised an international building site for the benefit of the charity Homes of Saint Nicodème that take care of the street children in Douala. Serge Betsen Academy decided to financially support the project and attended the opening of the site.

The project:

  • Construction of two houses in the observation and stabilisation household “farm PK24”: painting, plumbing, masonry, tiling, electricity …..
  • Renovation of facilities for the reception of young


  • 12 girls and boys from the French institution Notre Dame d’Apprentis d’Auteuil (La Loupe, 28), managed by four teachers.
  • 12 Cameroonian boys and girls, street children of Douala, who live in the St Nicodème NGOMA under the responsibility of four teachers.

Everybody lived and worked in partnership during 21 days, sharing their meals and activities. They have evolved in a context that was unknown and that was sometimes difficult to manage. Thanks to their motivation and determination, it has been a very successful mission for the benefit

Event: Charity dinner in London

On 4th October, 2012 in London, was held a charity dinner to the benefit of the Charity Serge Betsen Academy.

Thanks to Brasserie Saint Jacques. More than 70 people could share a French gourmet meal in the company of various rugby players such as Thomas Castaignede, Tom Palmer, Tim Payne and the olympic rowing champion Jean-Christophe Rolland. The evening  was chaired by Serge Betsen.

After poping the champagne, these great athletes have shared with humour and ease their field experiences and best anecdotes. Then few items were set at auction such as  framed and autographed shoes, photos and jerseys in order to raise money and help  underprivileged children in Cameroon.


If you want to share this moment with these great athletes, please watch this video 



Bangangté: A new school in Fatgo’o

School roof that threatened to collapse is now repaired.

Many children of the centre L’Eau Claire go to the Bangangté public school. The school currently includes four classes and teaches 100 children. Because the roof threatened to collapse at any moment over the children, Serge Betsen Academy financed the project thanks to one of our sponsors (who doesn’t want to be named) and we would like to express our thanks again.

The beautiful school of Fatgo’o is now finished! The location of the headmaster’s office has changed and two rooms are now available (offices) between the classes rather than opposite. The two classrooms are each equipped with ten two-seat benches.

The Serge Betsen Academy is delighted to have accomplished this project which will allow many eager children to return to school.

Event: Charity Concert in London

Young rugby players, talented musicians, perform for the Serge Betsen Academy!


Nearly 100 people gathered on Saturday 30th June in the London French Institute to attend a charity concert for the benefit of the Serge Betsen Academy in Cameroon. The aim of this event was notably to support Phillipe, a 13 year-old youngster from the Eau Claire Centre in Bangangte who suffers from deafness.

We owe the initiative of this successful event to Martin Quick, a 12 years-old talented pianist and rugby player, who did convince all his friends to take part on the day and put their musical talent for the benefit of a good cause.

Serge himself and the rest of the attendance were impressed by the quality and diversity of the show offered to them. During a good hour, the young artists took centre stage performing classical and more contemporary pieces of piano, violin, trumpet, guitar and electric guitar. They all played while wearing their respective rugby kit.

It was also an opportunity for the enthusiastic crowd to discover the development work of the Serge Betsen Academy in Cameroon. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the attendees for their keen interest and generous donations towards our charitable work.

Given its resounding success, this concert has now become a regular fixture in the Serge Betsen Academy’s calendar of events.


A big thank you to all our talented artists:


Martin Quick – Rosslyn Park FC – Piano – Sonatina in F Major, 2nd mvt by Beethoven             

Henry Quick—Mascot – Piano – London Bridge, Folk song 

Charles Blagburn – Rosslyn Park FC – Guitar – Sur le pont d’Avignon                                                          

Jacques Blagburn – Rosslyn Park FC –Guitar -Galopp by Fernando Sor & El Negrito by Antonio Lauro 

Robin Hannay – Bank of England Rugby Club – Trumpet – Tequila Sunrise by Pamela Wegwood

Max Cave – Rosslyn Park FC – Electric Guitar – Running with the Devil by Van Halen               

Stephen Carrabino – St Paul’s – Piano – Sonata in C Major, K545, 1st mvt by Mozart              

Cassius Bandeen – St Paul’s – Violon – Praeludium und Allegro by Kreisler                   

Freddie Redding – Sheldon School – Piano – Waltz in E minor by Chopin               

James Carrabino – St Paul’s Piano – Impromptu No.3 in G Flat by Schubert


Serge Betsen Tour: Celebrations in Clichy!

 The third date of the Serge Betsen Tour took place on 2 June  in Clichy.


During this family day, various rugby workshops were organised for the children with the participation of Serge Betsen. A “thank you” banner made by the children welcomed  Serge when he arrived.

As the Serge Betsen Academy has just opened a branch in Clichy, the charity was even more present with a stand held by volunteers presenting our action and welcoming our generous donors.

Following the arrival of Cameroonian women, we saw our Chairman joining in the dancing (a video is published on Facebook at Photos were taken with Serge Betsen, the children of Clichy, and a sponsor – who recently gave the opportunity to a group of children from Clichy and Val de Marne (two Parisian suburbs and new branches of the charity) to go to Serge Betsen’s testimonial in Biarritz on 6 June.

The day carried on with an entertaining dinner while watching the final top 14 rugby game and ended with an evening dance.


The Serge Betsen Academy’s team and the  Chairman would like to thank the organisers of this great event, as well as all the people who attended.



Serge Betsen Tour: The Tarariens were here!

 On Saturday 26th, was held the second date of the SB Tour in Tarare (next to Lyon). This event also was the opportunity to celebrate the 100 years of the Sporting Club of Tarare (SCT).


This day, full of emotions, was organised in different parties: during the morning defence workshops were held as well as a parade composed by current and former players of the club. In the afternoon a giant scrum with hundreds people overran the stadium. A dancing party took place in the evening to end this nice celebration. Not to mention the wonderful bandas that accompanied us all along the festival.


The charity and its chairman Serge Betsen thank the organizers of this great day, which also helped the SBA to raise funds.